How To Indentify K9 Crystal ?

There are too many diffeent quality standard in crystal market,we can tell you some knowledge about how to indentify the crystal quality.

1: the worst press type material machine production: no color of the light, cloror is white, and look carefully, the reflection of the crystal light with some light yellow or light green. The product of the light intensity of the place you see through the crystal, can see crystal there are waves. In the crystal surface of each surface, are arc type, and the diameter of the two lines between the points are not sharp. It looks like the sun is as smooth as the light..

2: good material with handmade: it looks like a little color of light, but not very strong. Inside the crystal reflection is pure white. The product to the light intensity of the place you see through the crystal, see no waves inside the crystal. In the every face of crystal surface, they are all flat but out of edge.The diameter of the two faces is clear.

3: our products and Swarovski products: the color of the light looks very strong, like the rainbow light. The product to the light intensity of the place you see through the crystal, see no waves and bubbles inside. In the each face of crystal surface,it's flat from the plane to the edge like a mirror, the diameter between two faces is clearly visible, like the same knife.

The concept of crystal:

1 what is the crystal? 

Common glass is silica (SiO). The crystal is high lead glass, or lead crystal glass, adding 24% in ordinary glass pastes PbO. International standards for the content of PBO was 24%, when the crystal chemical performance best, compared with ordinary glass, mainly reflected in the major (feel heavy), the refractive index of the transmission spectrum of the colorful), high hardness (wear). By refining a 24% PbO lead glass, removing impurity, hand blown, grinding and polishing, fine carving can be made of high-grade quality lead glass art. Light can pass through the carved facets reflect the colorful.

2 24%PbO: high quality lead glass marking. Usually, non crystal brand products not up to the standard, only 10% or less, or simply do not contain PbO is false claims of crystal, like some unknown small workshop products.

3. Natural crystal: natural block, is only suitable for stone collectors and PbO content usually in 5% to 10%, mineral raw materials, impurity content, not suitable for direct processing manufacturing high quality glassware. Only after refining, adding lead oxide content reached 24% PbO.

4 international strict concept:

Glass: is the ordinary glass products.

Crystal: is lead glass, or crystal, lead oxide content of PbO reached 24%, which is the international standard. Due to the technical and technological level, the domestic lead glassware is seldom.

5. The Chinese market the concept of confusion: businesses often translucent and transparent glass are posing as crystal, the domestic market especially a K9 glass, optical glass, looks very transparent and bright, after cold working, cold cutting can for lettering, make label cards and other inexpensive crafts, its hardness is low, feel very light, transmission of color, sometimes outer surface can spray some color, per kilogram costs only 10 yuan RMB, does not contain PBO and does not melt blown glassware is made.

The concept of 6 pure crystal: lead glass both lead when PbO content reached 24%, can not be understood as the lead content of 100% PbO. PbO is a metal material, non-toxic, when content is high, will lose of the glittering and translucent glass quality, again or is 100% metal products, to no one.

7. The regular factory to melting the PbO content of 24% of the high lead glass raw materials, and a series of advanced handmade, its brand products only quality assurance.

8 manual crystal and mechanism crystal distinction:

Manual approach: lead glass melting to sticky state, sometimes leaving the individual bubbles, through the end of long steel pipe provokes a, rotation, blowing, styling, cutting, carving, grinding, polishing, etc., a series of pure hand-made, see website making process fragments. Handmade features: small output, high cost, unique each unique, limited, suitable for collection. Color products can only be done manually. Limited to high-end consumption, appreciation.

Mechanism: lead glass melt to a very dilute state, easy to remove the bubble, like water, pouring into the mold, forming, cooling, mechanical polishing. Is a process of mechanized production lines, each product mass production, low cost, suitable for general consumption. 

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