How Does Laser Engrave Work ?

The carving is an ancient art, generally carving is carving from the outside, you can carve the shape you want from the outside material, but laser engrave, seems like one magic hand to carve the amazing image inside of material . Actually, laser engrave is very simple. Iif you want to

laser engrave in the glass, the energy density must be greater than the critical value which can destroy glass , it also called threshold, and the laser energy density depends on the energy spot size, smaller spot lead to larger energy density. Thus, through properly focused, the energy density of the laser can be lower than the damage threshold of the glass when it get into glass but not reach the engrave area,when reach the engrave area, it will exceeds the critical value and produce pulse in a very short  time, its energy will broken the crystal , resulting in a very small white spots inside the glass to carved out of a predetermined shape, while the rest of the glass or crystal remains intact. 


laser engrave assisted imaging technology 


In fact, the general 3D imaging technology is a method to obtain a 3D image by using the graphics, it is necessary to measure the laser projection highlight object, by controling the distance of the laser beam,deal with the image processing and object model, the entire process is very complicated. It need to shoot several times to get a 3D image object, expensive, and very slow, especially suitable for capturing an image of active objects. The whole process sometimes up to several minutes, the object is not moving during shooting. This means that the photographic technique used in the landscape and can not move objects. 


Finally, people invented 3DFlash! Photographic technology, which in terms of shooting the body has the absolute advantage – within 0.01 seconds you can get a high-resolution, obtained by accurate three-dimensional face data. 3DFlash! Ordinary two-dimensional and three-dimensional flash can be connected to a digital camera, the specially coded projection grating to the surface, and this encoding an image pickup by the digital camera. Software through a special decoding the encoded image analysis to identify the X, Y, 3D image information in the Z-axis, in this step, 3D mesh portrait of the person handling the composition of such a grid, the next step is to the face stickers skin and color. After completing a full 360-degree 3D avatar thus produced in the computer. Computer engraving machine and then enter the information, you can create the perfect portrait engraving crafts. 


laser engrave products 


Laser processing systems and computer numerical control technology combined to form highly efficient automated processing equipment, high quality, efficient and cost-effective processing opens up broad prospects. The laser engrave machine is the laser technology and computer technology to combine high-tech integrated peripherals new laser processing equipment. 

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